5 Best News Apps for Android Devices: Top News Platforms

Best News Apps for Android

If you are the type that wants to be always updated on the latest happenings around you and the world over, then you should get acquainted with these platforms. They are the 5 best news apps for Android according to our rating and experience.

5 Best News Apps for Android Devices

Google News: A quick news app that draws its stories from a broad range of legit sources, presenting you with story suggestions according to how you utilize the app. You can see the top five latest stories of the day, on both local and global scene, updates as they occur and adequate coverage on stories that interest you.

Flipboard: It is popular for its smooth and standard magazine-style design with gesture-based page flipping. It combines the strength of expert editors with intelligent algorithms to customize your news exposure. Just select a few exciting topics to get yourself started, and Flipboard will take it from there.

Microsoft News: Gives you an experience of variety in your news consistently. Exciting stories from hundreds of best publishers from around the world with a smart layout that makes it appealing to browse stories. Pick the topics that interest you the most, and enjoy the essential topics from trusted references.

BBC News: A standard news network that provides you the latest stories from across the world. You can use the app to create your very own customized news feed and easily attach new topics of interest from any story by clicking on the available plus sign (+) icon. 

Reuters: This is another prime news publisher that presents current news from its incredible network of over 2,000 correspondents around the world in diverse topics ranging from science and technology to politics and sports just to mention a few. You can use the app to generate a personalized news feed by selecting broad topics or more specific issues of interest. 

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