Here are surprisingly healthy foods we have discovered.We enjoy food in as much as we love our children. It can be challenging to maintain a healthy lifestyle amidst all the yummy goodies that encompass us. When we discover the health advantages of these picks, we simply had to share them with others! It makes us believe we are more like a wholesome teenager when the meals we prefer are beneficial for us! Read on to know our favorite unexpected healthy foods.


People are constantly discussing how avocado is extremely a fatty food. What they didn’t say though is that the sort of fat in avocados is so healthy fat that can support receive the antioxidants that avocados hold.


OK, listen to us. We are aware butter is the worst of all sins when talking about healthy foods, but what we discovered shocked us! Butter has more than enough fat-soluble vitamins and fatty acids. These things surprisingly great health benefits, so don’t be too frightened of real butter, enjoy it but don’t consume so much.

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