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American Express Login – For tremendous customer support, American Express affords an online platform on AmericanExpress.Com/Pbc. On this official webpage, users can create an account with their American Express card. They are also able to login to via their login details for online transactions.

The account also affords users many other advantages that we will treat in the following sections of the article. This post will help you to create an online AmericanExpress account, log in, and pay your credit bills by with little to no fuss.

Complete American Express Login Procedures

  1. Visit the official website of American Express.
  2. In the main tab, go to “My Account” and in the drop-down click on “Account Home.”
  3. A new login page will be displayed to you here; if you wish to jump this step, you can type AmericanExpress.Com/Pbc on your device browser and proceed. You will be redirected to the American Express account login page when you do this.

American Express Mobile Site

  • At the login page, you can see the login section on display.
  • Now, you can provide your login credentials – user ID and password – in the text boxes and click “Log In.”
  • If you don’t have an account of your own, create one immediately with your Amex card.
  • Click on “Create an Online Account” and go to the registration page.
  • Enter your 15-digit card number and 4-digit card ID to launch an account registration.
  • If you don’t possess a 4-digit ID as in Corporate Purchasing Account, an Optima Line of Credit, or an Optima Consolidator Account, you can insert your 15-digit card number and 5-digit zip code of your address to proceed.
  • As soon as you are done with the registration, you can follow the above steps to log in.

Paying American Express Bill Online

  • After the login, you will see your account dashboard.
  • You can also see your recent credit activities.
  • Review the billed amount and proceed by clicking on “Pay Bill.”
  • Enter the billed amount and fill the fields with your payment information.
  • Verify your payment information before proceeding and click on “Submit” to submit your payment.
  • Your payment will be made instantly, and the screen will notify you of the status of the transaction.

Tremendous Benefits of an Online Account

  • You can keep an eye on your credit reports every day and at any time of the day you want.
  • You receive email alerts for every key change in your credit report.
  • View and pay your bills online.
  • Autopay option feature can be turned which will help make the payment automatically from your bank account every month

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