Apple TV – Apple Finally Joins in the Streaming Service Game

Apple TV

The much-anticipated news by the public has been confirmed finally. A good level of curiosity had been felt way before Apple’s event in Cupertino by people who were anxious to know if the tech giant were going to announce the new Apple TV streaming service as expected finally.

Introducing Apple TV streaming service

It is now official that Apple will be venturing fully into the Hollywood business. Reports also have it that as much as $1 billion will be spent yearly to host original programmes. However, no specific price has been set for the service, but things will be cleared up further in the fall.

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Apple is collaborating with a host of the most influential stars in Hollywood to help them take their first steps in the streaming service business. Apple TV is in line to feature two Original docu-series from Oprah Winfrey among some other starring screen-favorites.

How Apple TV Works

Apple TV subscription service is expected to be available in over 100 countries in the fall. It will be a subscription-based streaming service similar to Netflix. In other words, a sign-up fee will be provided to have access to original programmes and other exciting content.

New Game Streaming Service Close?

In a similar venture to the recent Google Stadia game subscription service, Apple has also introduced Apple News and Apple Arcade. These will be brand-new subscription-based gaming streaming services. It looks like the next step into the future for tech giants.

Apple TV is slated to run on Apple TV boxes, iPads and iPhones, and all the exciting features will be introduced through a software update in May. It is also expected to be available on macOS for the first time later this fall.

The optimism is very high in regards to the services that will be available on the Apple TV streaming service. Is it going to be another version of NETFLIX or going to be better?, time will tell. However, we will keep our fingers crossed to these wonderful innovations for the moment.

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