Best Android Apps You Should Have In Your Smartphone

The beauty of Android smartphones is always in the varieties of operations you can carry out with them. With the steady influx of new apps daily on the Android app stores, we will show you the best Android apps that should be on top of your phone’s app list.

See The Best Android Apps You Should Have

Apps make a phone cool, but exceptional apps will take your phone to the next level. It can be overwhelming and confusing sometimes when you visit the Google Play Store to make choices of new apps, with all the ratings and reviews from diverse people from all over the World.

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We have made an original list of the best Android apps that should always have a place on your smartphone all the time. These are smart apps that will make your phone experience smooth and pleasing. Make intelligent choices form the list below.

1. The Google Drive Suite

This is an excellent cloud storage app from Google that every Android phone user must have on their device. With a provision of up to 15 Gigabytes of cloud storage space, you can secure a lot of important files and rest assured of its safety when you have the Google Drive Suite.

2. Nougat Icon Pack

Without a doubt, this is one of the best Android apps that should have a place phone. With the Nougat Icon Pack, you can take the appearance of your smartphone to an exceptional level. You can change the features of your icons to your unique desire.

3. All-in-One ToolBox Cleaner

If you want your Android phone always to run smoothly, and all your files to be organized, then this is your app. Automatic actions like privacy protection, file management, storage cleaning, maximizing your battery usage and many other things are guaranteed.

4. Newton Mail

When it comes to Android Email apps, this one is already a favorite among smartphone users. Its arrangement of Emails and excellent interface will blow your mind. The management and set up is bound to impress you and improve your phone’s performance.

5. Google Play Music

A music app from Google that will have access to both online and local music files will change the entire perspective of music playing Android apps. It has earned its place as one of the best Android apps that improve your mobile phone experience exceptionally.

We compiled these apps carefully based on what they can offer the Android smartphone user, even though the use of apps and preferences differ from one person to another, these are the mobile phone apps that have made their names through reliable service.

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