Best Electric Cars 2020 – Comparing the Best EVs Performances

Best Electric Cars 2020 – We all know that we are entering a future that will no doubt be dominated by electric vehicles. This is why a lot of top vehicle manufacturing companies are venturing into the EVs business and spending a lot of fortune and effort to bring out the best electric cars the World has ever seen.

Comparing The Best Electric Cars 2020

Some of these vehicles are taking the self-driven route, and we are braced to see a lot more of them still. We will be taking a look at some of these automobile innovations to see the extent of their performances and which ones are making the most impressions.

1. Tesla

Best Electric Cars


Tesla started by building Lotus Elise into full-fledged electric cars and terming them the first Generation Roadster. Subsequently, Tesla designed some exceptional machines such as Tesla Model X, Model Y and Model S.

Highlights of all Tesla 2020 cars include:

  • High Safety Ratings
  • Extended battery packs alternatives
  • Frequent software updates
  • The Next Generation Roadster

The newest and best Tesla is the next-generation Roadster, which can reach 0-100 km/h in just 1.9 seconds. In addition to that, the Tesla Roadster will get a brand new chassis, a 965 km (600 mile) range, a Tesla Auto-Pilot, and 4-doors.

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The ‘SpaceX-Founders version of the car will offer ten cold-gas thrusters to increase downforce, acceleration and corner stability. The Tesla Roadster is stated for a 2020 release with a price tag of $200,000 for the base model.

2. Audi

Best Electric Cars 2019

Not all the car in the Audi series is electric yet, but the company has set up 2025 as the year to have a maximum of 20 electric vehicles in their collection.

The car is a luxury all-electric SUV powered by 2-electric motors producing either 408 HP or 360 Horses, depending on the driving style.

Despite the hefty price tag, the Audi e-Tron SUV is nowhere near the performance of any Tesla model, but it is still one of the best electric cars though.

With a 0-100 km/h time of 5.7 seconds, it is slower than the cheapest Tesla, the Model Y. Audi e-Tron comes on top in terms of luxury and design.

The e-Tron GT will be in immediate competition for the Tesla Roadster as it is dated for a 2020 release. With both electric cars falling in the same section, the winner between them will be determined by price and performances.

As of 2019, the Audi e-Tron GT is powered by an induction motor producing 434 kW or 590 HP. With a range of 400 km on a single charge, the car is neither revolutionary nor very bad.

Though, the price of the Audi e-Tron GT is expected to be around $130,000, which is $70K less than the Tesla Roadster. So the playing field could become ‘even’ if Audi starts granting extensive battery packs.

3. Ford

Best Electric Cars 2019

Ford made news recently when it started to work on its self-driving program to start a taxi and delivery service in 2021. The company recently expanded its autonomous driving program to Austin, Texas.

Notwithstanding, the company revealed a concept car at the Detroit motor in the past year, and it was a ‘Mustang-inspired’ electric SUV. According to Ford, the electric SUV will have a 300-mile actual battery range.

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