Best iOS Features For Amazing iPhone and iPad Experience

Best iOS Features

The following outlines are the best iOS features that will make your Ios devices more fun. We have not put them together based on any preference, but so that you can try them and see which makes your activities with your iPhone or iPads more interesting.

Best iOS Features For iPhone and iPad

Below are some apps and features that could have you glued to your iPhone or iPad with curiosity and excitement all day long.

1. App switch

The app switching tool is an astonishing iOS feature that improves the way you open applications on your device. This feature is awe-inspiring and tidy to use. It is one of the best iOS features that will interest you enough to develop a liking for.

2. Siri 

Apple’s digital assistant is becoming more enhanced and intelligent. Apple is always striving to bring the contextual search capability of Siri to the best, and most efficient level possible. Therefore, Siri is becoming more agile and alert in responding to search inquiries on your iOS devices.

3. CarPlay

On iOS devices, users can connect their devices to their vehicles that are WiFi enabled. It will also connect with your manufacturer’s apps and therefore blend in with the inbuilt system and apps. It is without a doubt one of the best iOS features for your smart devices.

4. Android to iOS App Switch

The switch to iOS apps will be seamless and more effortless if you eventually drop your Android device for an iOS device. This feature that all your contacts, message history, videos, photos, bookmarks, calendar, wallpaper, songs, books, and others are taken account of and transferred.

5. The Back/Shift Button

If you switch to a new app, your device will bring a small key on the top left edge that allows you to go back to the prior app. Assume you are on Twitter, and you receive a notification via Facebook, you can open the message and still go back on Twitter with just one click.

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