How to Boost Your Wi-Fi Router Speed With Simple Tricks

boost wi-fi speed

The instructions below will see you successfully boost your Wi-Fi router speed for faster connections. These steps have been tried, tested, and confirmed to skyrocket your connectivity and performance online. Take your time and learn these essential tricks.

How to Boost Your Wi-Fi Router Speed With Simple Tricks

  • Verify and Update Your Router’s Firmware

First of all, make sure that the router is continuously verified and updated, you might need to contact your service provider and check for the faults in the device. If the router is out of date, you can then replace them with current ones.

  • Proper Positioning

The placement of a router can go a long way in improving the connection speed and performance of the gadget. Always try positioning the Wi-Fi router in the center of the house to make sure that every nearby device gets full access to high-speed internet.

  • Secure Router Password

This is a no-brainer when you want to boost your wifi router speed. Securing your Wi-Fi will not only make sure of faster internet for your online activities but also focus your connections on your devices.

When a lot of devices are connected to the router at a single time, try to disconnect the devices that are not in use at that moment from the Wi-Fi so that your connection speed will be improved.

  • Restart Your Wi-Fi Router

The IP connection between your router and the Internet can get hung up sometimes. So, a simple restart of router reboots router’s systems such as wireless radios and network processor to enhance the Wi-Fi router production.

  • Monitor Speed With a Ping Test

This exercise is not the same as the conventional speed tests, and it shows you the actual strength of your internet connection. Just visit and receive the results and boost your Wi-Fi router speed.

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