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Convert Scanned PDF to Word

Do you want to convert scanned PDF to Word? If the answer is yes, then the following piece of information will help you do just that with relative ease. We have put together the best procedure to help you get the best effect for your projects here. Follow the steps below, and you will no doubt, get your desired results.

Getting Ready to Convert Scanned PDF to Word on Google Drive

  1. The image should not be more than 2 MB in size to upload successfully.
  2. Your converted word might contain errors, so you must make sure to correct them before use.
  3. For PDF files, only the first ten pages will be converted successfully to text. If yours is a huge PDF file, then, you should consider going for the step-by-step transformation of 10 pages.

How You Can Convert Scanned PDF to Word on Google Drive

  • Go to Google Drive Website and log in with your Google account.
  • After that, click on the New button and choose File Upload to select the image you want to convert successfully.
  • Various formats of images can be used during this operation.
  • When the image upload is complete, right click on the file and proceed to Open With > Google Docs.
  • After this process, a new tab will display with the image at the top and editable text under it. You can then edit the texts or resize the image here if you want to.
  • You can then choose to delete the image, save the text, and close the tab. Now you will see the Google
  • Document with the converted text beside the image file.
  • When you have finished with it, you can edit the image or download on PC for editting.

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