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Create Siri Shortcuts

You can create Siri shortcuts for tasks like sharing photos of an experience, managing your daily activities, choosing photos from the gallery, and turning them into a collage. All these and more can be achieved with your iOS shortcuts set.

Create Your Siri Shortcuts by Yourself

Furthermore, shortcuts can switch on lights when you wake up, play your popular song, and also presents before you the tasks you have for the day. There is a lot of possibilities to what you can do with the options available on Siri shortcuts. 

Creating A New Shortcut

Follow the instructions lined out below to set up your own customized shortcuts quickly:

  • Tap on Create Shortcut on the Library in Shortcuts app.
  • There are some actions that can be linked to automate these assignments. We will create a shortcut for generating GIFs, by add ing ‘Get Latest Photos’ action in the Photo & Video category.
  • You can decide the photos you want to attach in your GIF and if you wish to combine screenshots.
  • Then, tap “Get Images” from Input option on the Photos & Video segment to apply the images in the next step.
  • The next move is to ‘Make GIF’ that creates an animated GIF from the images transferred into the action.
  • It presents your options for customizing the GIF. You can select the options as per your liking.
  • Select ‘Quick Look’ action from the Documents category for presenting the preview of the GIF generated in the earlier steps.
  • Then, use the Toggle button in the edge of the screen to rename the shortcut and attach a Siri phrase for it.

Using Pre-Made Shortcuts

Already-installed shortcut options are also available for iOS users. You can also add it to your archive with the following procedures:

  • Tap “Word of the Day” and then on ‘Get Shortcut’ to join it to the Library.
  • The shortcut will be added to the Library, and you will be notified of the same.
  • Go to the shortcut in the library Library and click on the option denoted by three dots (ellipsis) to start customizing the shortcut.
  • Customize the shortcut by attaching the URL of RSS feeds from any website other than Merriam-Webster. 
  • Now, activate the shortcut, by clicking on the play button at the edge of the screen.
  • Shortcuts have been designed to work with Siri, and you can begin the shortcut by speaking a phrase of your choice to Siri.
  • To use the shortcut on Siri, click on the Toggle button on the edge of the screen and tap ‘Add to Siri’ option.
  • Click on “Add to Siri” and record any phrase you would like to use for activating the shortcut.
  • Alternatively, you can likewise combine the shortcut to home screen and widgets so that you don’t have to open the Shortcuts app whenever you want to run the shortcut.

You can download the Shortcuts app from the App Store.

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