How To Download Facebook Video To your Laptop

download facebook video

If you want to download Facebook video, then you must have faced the frustration of facebook not providing a download link for such purposes. Read through if you’re going to see how easy it is done. 

How To Download Facebook Video

Below are two resourceful methods that will allow you to get the desired result quickly;

Without Third-Party AppS 

Here’s how to download Facebook video to your laptop. First, log in to your Facebook account.

  • Locate and open the video you want to download.
  • Right-click on the video
  • Click to “Copy video URL
  • Now paste the link in the address bar of your browser. it is like…/videos/12345…9/
  • Change the “www.” to just an “m.” on the URL. as in…/videos/12345…9/
  • Then hit enter
  • There you can play the video
  • Open the Developer Console.
  • From the lines of codes, locate the video element.
  • Select the arrow icon on the top left corner of the console
  • Click on the video within the console.
  • Proceed to copy the URL
  • Then paste it in another tab and hit enter.
  • Here you can right-click and click on “Save video as”

Now you can go on to label the video depending on the name you want. You should save the video with a name that you can remember before you save. It works on all browsers without any long processes.

Download Facebook VideoWith

Here’s how to download facebook video to your laptop using First, log in to your Facebook account.

  • Locate the video on your feeds
  • Right-click and copy the URL
  • Now go to on your browser.
  • Then paste the copied link in the space named “Paste your link there.”
  • Choose the quality of download that you would like.
  • Now right click on the video
  • Then click “save video.”

You can also save the downloaded video after renaming it on your browser. The reason you should save it with a familiar name is for easy location when you want to see it. That is how easy it is to download Facebook video to your laptops.

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