How To Enable WiFi Calling on Samsung Devices

WiFi Calling

See how you can Enable WiFi Calling on your Samsung Devices. WiFi has significantly overhauled Bluetooth and other modes of connection between different devices. Making calls via Wifi is a feature and technology that is gradually gaining popularity among mobile device users.

Ever Heard of Wifi Calling?

If you want to know more about this innovative means of making calls, then we will do that together here. Wi-fi calling entails making calls via the wireless network feature on your mobile devices. In other words, you can connect with your contacts on calls without mobile network service. It can come in handy when there is poor network in your location.

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Wi-fi has proven to be a stable connection mode on recent times, and that is why several applications support it. It is a reliable option that a lot of mobile device users have come to depend heavily on. This option is possible on Samsung versions from S5 and above.

Just as your device’s mobile network calls run on your mobile units or airtime, Wifi calling runs on your data allocation. On Samsung, his option is possible on Samsung versions from S5 and above. However, contrary to what the perception is, it does not use a lot of data like a Skype voice call.

How to Set Up A Samsung Wifi Mobile Voice Call

  1. Start by going to the device’s settings.
  2. Then, go to “Wi-Fi” or “Wireless Networks.”
  3. Locate and click on the available network.
  4. Provide the password if protected.

After the connection is successful, you can start setting up your device to enable the feature.

NOTE: These procedures may differ a bit on various devices depending on the operating systems they run on.

  • On your home screen, click on “phone”.
  • Tap the Menu or more to open the settings.
  • Turn the WiFi Calling option to complete.

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