A Brief Review On Facebook Ads Format

Facebook Ads Format: Facebook is the most famous social media interface for advertisement as it holds the highest amount of users amidst all social media platforms. The latest statistic revealed that in Facebook’s financial statement, firms spent over $ 9 million on Facebook Ads only.

Considering Facebook has a large audience, they are a global, broad and distinct audience. Facebook ads give an extensive range of ad forms, each with its distinct benefits, many targeting opportunities and lots of possibilities for advertisers to get productive.

Facebook ads appear in different setups that are good resolutions to advertising dilemma. Each ad has unique characteristics that improve focus on touching the right readers for your company based on established intentions.

Types Of Facebook Ads Format

Image Ads

Facebook Image Ads supports forms of photos and utilize them for highlight photos and with text information. This feature creates a tremendous number of synergies for business (in types of likes, comments, and shares). Adding appropriate and high definition pictures of your commodity or service can instantly make the ad a success.

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Video Ads

Video ads enable you to communicate a vast amount of message to your viewers in a short time, advance video view, or start conversations. Video ads can be generated right from your page or by Facebook advertising agents; Ads manager or business manager.

Slideshow Ads

Slideshow ads links multiple pictures or videos, writings and sounds to get the audience’s recognition. It can develop the quality of ad without many costs or difficulties in video creation. Slideshow formats surface on Facebook and Instagram in cooperative modes on androids, tablets, and computers just like a video.

Carousel Ads

The Carousel setup enables you to present up to 10 pictures or video within a particular ad, each holding its link. Carousel format can be applied to generate brand awareness, produce conversions, extend reach, increase store visits and utilize traffic to the site — this format made from your Facebook page or the Ads API or event Ads manager.

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Collection Ads

Collection format empowers people to communicate with your ad and browse about further products to discover more about a unique feature of goods, in fast-loading and have a sufficient-screen activity without departing the Facebook app. It is an excellent ad to be used for e-commerce advertisement since it enables them to display multiple bits of content with one primary target. You can apply this to connect video, slideshows or image with stock images selected from a catalog.

Instant Experience

Instant experience can be linked with all the Facebook ad setups stated earlier. It is a mobile-only encounter used on iOs and Android. The format is intended to reveal your products, point out your brand or encourage mobile shopping. A custom instant experience is designed in Ads Manager publishing feature section of your Facebook page or your page composer employing the Ads API.

Apply any of the Facebook ads formats to promote your business and attain a possibility of increasing your sales and profit.


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