Facebook Dating Profile: How to Set Up a Dating Profile on Facebook 

Facebook Dating Profile

Facebook dating gives users a platform to create dating profiles and match theirs with other users of the medium. It is the perfect place to upload pictures from your phone or use your Facebook profile picture. FB dating might be unavailable to you if the app deems you to be underage. 

How to Create a Facebook Dating Profile

The creation process involved here can differ depending on whether the owner already has an account with the social media platform or not. If you are yet to have an account, peep below for the steps to set one up for yourself.

How to create a Facebook Account

  • Go to Facebook and click on ‘sign up’
  • Insert your details [name, date of birth, etc]
  • Upload a profile picture and a cover photo

How to create a Facebook Dating profile

To create an FB dating profile you have to Update your FB to ensure you are using the latest version of Facebook. After updating your FB, you follow this procedure to create a FB dating profile:

  • Open the Facebook app and click on the menu icon on the upper side of the screen
  • Tap the dating icon, if there is no dating option, you will need to click on the ‘see more option’. However, FB dating isn’t available in all countries.
  • Click on get started to set up a profile
  • Fill up the form correctly by Specifying your gender, location and much more.
  • Upload a nice and clear photo of yourself

As soon ss these steps are complete, Facebook will automatically set up a dating profile for you with the information from your account. The process will be complete without delay.

You are permitted to then make a few changes to the profile such as adding pictures and setting it up to your preference. Finally, Facebook will begin the process of making a match for you.

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