How To Use Facebook Marketing Strategy

Facebook Marketing drifts keep regularly changing, providing better roads to properly market your profile, business, and brand on Facebook, this known as Facebook marketing.

Facebook Marketing Strategy

Facebook social media platform created since 2004 has delivered some marketing drifts that have frequently influenced how digital marketers perform and succeed on the Facebook media interface. In the latter part, we will show some Facebook Marketing trends that were applied in 2018

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Working with videos became a necessary part of Facebook marketing in 2019, with numerous studies and statistics showing that video is, however, the most critical form of content.

Video – Facebook Marketing

Statistically, the number of Facebook videos employed by users reaches 135%, giving it a broader range than photos. This indicates that marketers took the power of this peculiarity by attaching the Facebook video to their digital marketing strategy in 2018.

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Facebook Live – Facebook Marketing

Running at 178% speed of usage, it is seen that the average Facebook live posts are more significant than the average post commitment regarding engagement.

The subsequent benefits come with using of the Facebook Live marketing characteristic;

  • Users can generate a Facebook event.
  • Involve in social shares.
  • Recap is also possible for followers.
  • AR/VR options.

The Camera Effects Platform and Facebook Spaces is continuously being improved to drive to a completely new world of communications.

It has been approved by the master of Facebook that what mobile phone cameras are recently doing are just the old fashioned versions of what the AR adventures will ultimately be.

There are three key features of Facebook’s new AR program;

  • Precise location: this assists cameras viewfinder locates the right places for varying images.
  • 3D effects: The 3D effects platform is intended to support model out 3D environments while utilizing a 2D photo.
  • Object recognition: With this unique feature, the user can apply real-time visuals to have different forms of engagements with pictures.

Facebook Spaces – Facebook Marketing

Facebook spaces enable users to socialize with associates (as avatars) in virtual reality. It can build an environment where friends can catch up like they are close when they are actually far from each other. Facebook spaces also permit users to share several forms of media straight to each other live.

Marketers attain a possibility to profit from Facebook spaces, by the product information it provides, with the chance for users pointing to anything and have all method of information pop up. The Facebook spaces platform is built on the 360-degree content.

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GIFs do not need the same volume of investment that is delivered to videos, lead ads and carousel. However, current video assets can be repurchased as Facebook GIF ads, to permit it to accomplish on repeat.

There are currently more than 100 million Giphy users transferring 1 billion GIFs every day; GIFs marketing feature is a valuable marketing tool that marketers need to adapt to very well.

Press and hold videos

By using the Press and hold videos tool you can communicate with viewers live directly on their various Newsfeed. Marketers can apply this tool to interest their consumers with exciting content because the format is very new.

360 Photos/Videos

Utilizing the 360-degree camera’s tools presents brands with features that enable them to narrate stories from different vantage ends.

You can see shows from all of its vintage points; instead of just watching them from one end of view it entitles you to look at those videos like you were there presently.


Chatbots recently has 100,000 monthly running bots on Messenger. This tool gives an immediate link between brands and clients.

It proposes an outstanding customer service that is built on necessary inquiries and problems and provides electronic communication which increases sales and keeps customers faithful.


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