Find Your Phone – Track and Locate Your Lost Android Device Easily

find your phone

Losing a phone can be very frustrating in a generation where almost everything that is and happens revolves around the little smart device. The good news is that when you don’t know it’s current whereabouts is not the end of the World, as you can still find your phone again.

Tracing and Locating Your Android Device

 find your phone

We will treat this topic in the case of Android phones in this article. Whether it is still around you without your knowledge, or with someone else, in silent or vibration mode, there is a way to find out. You will locate your device if you apply the following steps.

Google’s “Find My Device” Phone Location Feature

You can find this feature in every Google-supported Android device‘s settings. It doesn’t require further third-party app installations to get activated. However, you can only use it to find your phone when misplaced and still within your reach, .i.e, hard to locate a stolen phone with it.

Activating The “Find My Device” Feature in Android Device Settings

Even though the feature is always pre-installed in almost every Android device, if you can’t find it in your phone settings, the feature is available for download on Google Play Store. When you find it, this is how to get it working to find your phone immediately.

  • Go to your phone settings and proceed to security.
  • Under Device Administration, tap on Device administrators.
  • Then check the “Find My Device” box.
  • Navigate to settings and click on Location.
  • Set the toggle switch on the upper left corner to On.
  • Click on Mode and set it to High accuracy.
  • Return to Location settings and click on Google Location History.
  • Switch on the next to Use Location History and toggle the switch next to the device name to On mode.

When these changes have been made, you can find your phone as long as there is a stable Wi-Fi connection in the location.

How to Use the “Find My Device” Feature

After the device is selected do the following:

  • Remotely ring the device even if the phone is in silent mode, the phone will continuously play a sound for 5 minutes.
  • Lock the phone and display a note or phone number on the lock screen.
  • Automatically wipe your device, this will also delete your Google account from your phone, and you can no longer trace it.

This option is more useful when you don’t want serious private information in strange hands.

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Tracing Your phone with Android Google Maps

Google Maps is also an important device tracking option for Android phones. You can successfully find your phone with this option and the following steps.

  • Open Google Maps and sign in to your Google account
  • Open the menu icon in the upper left corner and set Your Timeline.
  • Set the date, month, and year to verify your location history for the day your phone got lost.

There are some other third party apps that are available on app stores that you can also use to find your phone. These options also work depending on the situation in question. Some can be used to locate lost phones, while others only work in misplacement situations.

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