How to Make Your First YouTube Video Exceptional

Yeah! I know we all have cold feet when we want to do things for the for the first time, especially making your first YouTube video. you want it to be the best. This review will guide you on the basic things you need to do to create an amazing YouTube video

First YouTube Video- The first YouTube video ever uploaded was in April 2005, eight weeks after the YouTube domain name begun. The video titled “Me at the Zoo,” and it reveals Jared Karim, the co-founder of YouTube found at the San Diego Zoo.

A year later, Google purchased YouTube which costs $1.65 billion. Ever since, YouTube has gotten over 2 billion views each day. In the year 2012, YouTube published live, the US Presidential debates scoring an outstanding milestone.

Currently, YouTube now ranks as the world’s second biggest search engine and one of the most toured sites following Facebook and Google. It doesn’t end there. YouTube has produced stars which affect the buying practices of billions of people all over the world.


Therefore, how are YouTube stars capable of accomplishing this? By producing videos and putting them to their YouTube channels. As an internet user, you can also be a YouTube star and affect millions or billions around the globe.

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To get commenced, you have to build your personal YouTube videos. Do you know how? In this article, we will assist you to uncover how to create your first YouTube video genuinely amazing.

Have the appropriate Equipment

To make an astonishing YouTube video that will excite your viewers, you must have the proper tools. Most persons believe that creating YouTube videos needs

A professional vlogging camera

High-end laptop and others

Expensive video editing software.

Well, if you have the funds, it’s not bad to go for expensive tools, but if your resources are tight, it’s sound, to start with, budget-friendly tools. For example, instead of expensive cameras, why not get a budget vlogging camera. Recall, it should possess 4K resolution.

Alternatively, buy newer mobile phone brands like Samsung, RedMi, or One Plus. They are affordable and possess 4K cameras. When it concerns laptop, buy a resource-friendly model. Then, for video editing software, try public source or free versions and do not neglect to purchase budget-friendly tripods.

Discover more about the organization and tools used by YouTube stars.

Make a Plan

Benjamin Franklin said one time, “failing to plan is like planning to fail.” To produce a crazily fantastic video, make a plan first. The first action is to locate a niche you are love. There are three classes on YouTube:

Awareness – This is all about making a situation to people’s consciousness

Education – school or confer knowledge

Engagement – produce videos that evoke an emotional response from your viewers

Once you pick your niche, the next action is to create a plan. An actionable plan involves a script which records the magnitude of the video, the content, wherever and however the video is shot.

Find your Style and Setup

It is essential to recognize your style and setup from the word go. For example, according to the furiousfanboys, if you are a gamer, pick your gaming place as your setup. If you are incapable of coming up with an unusual setup or style, see other common favorite YouTube videos.

What setup and style should the channel master select? Now that you hold an opinion, it’s time to develop your style and order. For example, if you plan to become a vlogger, it indicates that you will be taking your camera throughout.

Your setting can adjust depending on the subject of that time. As a vlogger, you have to converse right to the camera both from one position or while walking around the place.

One thing you must remember is that changing within two or more setups and styles can distract your viewers. For instance, you are switching from vlog mode to bird’s eye scene or skit.

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Shooting your First Video

The time you have been anticipating for has eventually come. By now, we believe that you must have set up the tool as per your fashion. If you have decided to be a vlogger, you can place the camera on a tripod or carry it in your hand.

If you are preparing to shoot the video in a bedroom, ensure there is lots of natural light coming in. Light is an essential element in videography. Without fitting lighting, your videos will look dark. I’m sure; This is not what you desire. You require numerous natural light in the room. Alternatively, buy an affordable box light or ring light. They are accessible at the local store for not more than $100.

Heed the script as you make your video. It is essential to ensure the room you are filming it is very peaceful. If you want to improve your audio, there are good mics ready on the internet or in local stores.

Edit your YouTube Video

Editing your video empowers you to clear the numerous errors and get it spotless before uploading. As a freshman, you don’t require high video editing software. Begin with iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. They are simple to use and ready with Windows OS or Mac OS.

You also have the opportunity of utilizing YouTube’s internet video editor. It arises with tools that aid you to improve your video. There is also video editing software available on the internet such as Filmora Video Editor, and all has its pros and cons. You can obtain internet tutorials which include guides to assist you in discovering how to edit videos for your audience.

As a YouTube user, you may need to attach images and documents to improve your communication, particularly when interviewing persons. This is not wrong but at the time, less is good. As you progress, you can attach the images, document and other outcomes.

The purpose of acting this way is to bypass confusing your viewers. Always retain it simple.


This is a five-step lead to creating amazing videos for the first time YouTube user. Now that you have completed editing your video, build your channel. Optimize the heading, information and upload your content.

Uploading your video does not immediately change to views and likes. You have to improve your content. Discover ways to correlate with built YouTube users. You can make a comment on their videos, generate replies on established YouTube channels or cooperate on projects.

Recognize to monetize your channel and constantly reply to all comments.


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