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We will elaborate on Gmail App Sign Up in this review. Gmail is the shortest way or another name for Google mail. This is an electronic mailbox where you can both get and forward email messages without cost. Before now, yahoo mail was the most popular email but then we have other emails that are neither yahoo nor Google mail ⁄ Gmail.

But to be candid, I think that the most user-friendly email is Google mail (Gmail) making it the reason why so many individuals have been creating an account. Gmail supports both mobile phone and PC users. Gmail mobile app is also available for a mobile phone user.

Overview of Gmail App for Mobile Devices

Statistics have proven that mobile phone users are daily increasing than PC users. A mobile phone has a comparable capacity to PC and is much more portable. They can be taken everywhere without stress making Gmail app more active on the mobile phone than on systems.

There is practically nothing that a user wants to do on the web platform that is not done on the Gmail app.  With the Gmail mobile app installed you can do the following:

  • Receive email messages in your inbox.
  • Send email messages to another email user.
  • Instant notification of email messages.
  • Access your inbox, outbox, and drafts.

Instant notification of email messages directly to your phone is one unique thing in using the Gmail app. This feature ensures a user doesn’t have to log in always to him or her account to check recently received email messages.

This feature is not found on the web browser platform. Every time a user receives brand-new messages, he or she will have to log in to his or her account to read the letter which is not so in the Gmail app.

One important fact that every user should know about the Gmail app is that you have to set up an account before enjoying use. If you are a guest to the app or Gmail platform, set up an account directly from the app.

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Gmail App Sign Up

Usually, when you want to open a Gmail account, you can do that via your web browser or the mobile app. But ensure you use of an internet-enabled instrument. I will be highlighting the value of Gmail app sign-up through the mobile app platform.

Gmail App Sign-up on the mobile app platform is quite quick and straightforward process than using that of the web platform.

How to Setup a New Account Using Gmail App Sign Up

For a brand- new user who wants to create an account directly from the mobile app platform, follow the steps below:

  • This is similar to you making use of the web platform, but primarily a user needs to download the mobile app directly to a mobile device.
  • If you use the android device by default, the Gmail app is already installed in your android device. This is the standard account that is expected of a user to set-up your Google play store which is the approved app store for all Android mobile devices.
  • If you have an Android device know that you need to sign up for an account using the following process.
  • Access the app on from your app menu of any android device. Or you can download the app especially when you are not utilizing an android device.
  • Run the Gmail App by tapping the app icon on your app menu.
  • Tap on the ‘create a new account’ symbol to set-up your Gmail account.
  • Fill in your information in the account sign-up page such as surname and last name.
  • Then hit on the ‘next’ to continue.
  • Enter in your birth information and your gender. Tap on “next” to continue.
  • Fill your fancied username which is Gmail ID. It will end with the which will serve as your email address.
  • Next, you need to enter a password for your Gmail account. After entering your preferred password, re-enter the password hit on “next.”
  • You can either fill in your mobile phone number or skip it to continue with the account you just created now.

How to Sign in to Your Account Using the Gmail App

Well, Gmail mobile app is merely a Google mail application that is used to send email messages.  This is similar to you having other apps like WhatsApp, BBM, Instagram, Facebook and more. The app is competent enough to run on Android and iOS devices.

The application is an interface where you receive your electronic mail and can also send mail messages. This is also connected to the web platform that is most used by users. Instead of launching the Web to log in and check your emails or send out an email, you can quickly get the Gmail app on your mobile phone and carry out the same thing.

Let’s take for an instant, recall in the past when you need to sign-in to your email account to gain access to your inbox. But with the Gmail app, you can get an instantaneous email notification directly to your mobile phone. This is more convenient in getting updates of email messages delivered to your inbox. Follow the steps below:

Firstly you need to download the Gmail app on your mobile. Once you install the app on your mobile device, you can now go through our sign in guidelines below:

  • Launch the app by hitting on the app icon.
  • Fill your registered username in the first box and password in the second box.
  • Examine if all information is accurately entered in and then click the sign-in icon.
  • By doing this, you have finished the sign-in process. This is no different from the web platform sign-in process. But note that using the Gmail app is no room for entering in the wrong password or credentials.
  • The user with the wrong sign-in information will not be given access to their account. This rule applies to both platform, but the good news is there is a password reset feature on the Gmail mobile app. So, when you forget your password, you can use of this feature to reset your password again.

PC users can sign up by going to

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