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Google Chrome extensions are excellent tools that enhance your productivity by aiding your daily assignments on the browser. When you are unable to manage your Chrome browser extensions by setting the browser to your satisfaction, you are likely not to get the best out of it.

How to Manage Google Chrome extensions

That is why we want to see how one can improve their Chrome browser extensions through the settings. You will see how to manage, disable, or remove extensions successful from Chrome browser and improve it’s performances drastically.

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After opening Google Chrome, you will see a number of extensions on the side of the address column (top right on the screen). All the Chrome add-ons that are installed on your browser will be displayed here in icon forms, but there are still a few hidden ones.

How to View the List Installed Chrome Extensions

  • Click on Settings
  • Navigate to More Tools
  • Select Extensions

Alternatively, there is a more straightforward process in managing Chrome extensions. When you right-click an extension icon and click on Manage Extensions from the dropdown menu bar, it will then show you all the extensions, including installed Google Chrome apps.

How You Can Verify Chrome Extension Settings

You can verify all the permissions granted on any Chrome extension on the browser://extensions page when you click on the details button under the extension name. Here you can see the settings plus permissions granted to the Chrome add-ons and make changes where you deem necessary.

Chrome extension settings

A vital Chrome extension settings you should take note of here is “Site Access.” It is up to you to determine if you want to let an extension to read and tweak all your information on particular sites or all the sites you visit.

There are at least three options available here for you to choose from, and they are; “on click, particular sites, on all sites”. Notwithstanding, one of the most crucial Chrome extension settings is the “Allow In Incognito.”

You must endeavor to see that this option is disabled at all times because otherwise, it will end up allowing your Chrome extensions to keep a record of all your browsing history in incognito mode too.

Ineffective Chrome Extensions

In some situations, installing a Google Chrome extension may not be as successful as expected and may lead to the user reversing the installation. In cases like this, removing the Chrome extension might be the best option instead of just disabling it.

How To Uninstall or Remove a Google Chrome extension:

  • Right click on the extension icon on the toolbar and choose “Remove from Chrome.”
  • If you cannot find the extension on the toolbar, then go to the Chrome options list and;
  • Click on More Tools
  • Select Extensions
  • Click the Remove option on the extension you want to delete
  • Select Remove again on the confirmation pop-up to delete the Chrome extension permanently

Adding a Chrome extension

The Google Chrome Web Store provides all the extensions for the browser. And you can browse the extensions by their categories or just by searching for a particular one. When you choose a Chrome extension you want to install, click on the “Add To Chrome” button on the extension page.

The button will then change to “Checking” mode, and display a pop-up to allow permissions. To use the extensions, you will grant access to these permissions by pressing “Add Extension.” It will then install the extension on your browser immediately.

Hiding Chrome extensions from the menu bar

Even though it is very advantageous to have Chrome extension icons on the toolbar and ready for quick usage, it can end up filling up space on the taskbar. So, to hide Chrome extensions from the menu, right-click on the icon, and then select Hide in Chrome Menu.

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It will exclude the extension from the toolbar without totally disabling it. To access the hidden extensions in Chrome, you can visit the Extensions page (chrome://extensions/).

Keyboard Shortcut Settings for Chrome Extensions

Generally, extensions on Google Chrome can be very vital, and you might never be tired of using them. To save yourself the stress of clicking all the time, you can set up smart and quick keyboard shortcuts for Chrome extensions via the following steps:

  • Select the Menu option>More Tools>Extensions
  • Click the hamburger button on the top left screen
  • Select Keyboard Shortcuts

You can set the keyboard shortcut according to your convenience, and it starts functioning immediately.

Also, note that keyboard shortcuts for Chrome extensions always override other keyboard shortcuts, so ensure that the combinations you out together are unique.

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