Google Play Pass | Official Debut Coming Shortly

Google Play Pass

Google has announced via a tweet that Google Play Pass, which is a paid gaming platform, is imminent. Google seems eager to take the industry to the next level. It will play a similar role, although, in a competitive way to the Apple Arcade in its system and capacity even if just a little detail is available on the service at the moment.

Apple Arcade Competitor Google Play Pass

The Google Play Pass idea was first floated by an XDA developer in the previous year, with reports the company was still testing the service. One thing is sure, and it is that there are a few credible similarities between Google Pass and Apple Arcade gaming service.

There are tons of high-end games on the Play Store that the company might consider adding to the Play Pass subscription options. Some of them are Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, Stardew Valley, Max Payne, among others.

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The advantages of Google Play Pass are also comparable to Apple Arcade. According to the reports, the Play Pass offers all the games free of charge, is ads-free, and opens all the in-app purchases.

The Google Play Pass might also be similar to the Apple Arcade in the price region, the gaming subscription at $4.99 a month. The competition is brewing, and it looks like this tech giants are just getting started on their plans.

The Subscription Games Race is Officially On

It is shaping up to usher in a new era of paid and subscription gaming services from the biggest tech companies in the world. The feeling is unmistakable; eventually, more are going to join this games race in the future without a doubt.

What is your take on the soon to come Google Play Pass? Send your reactions to the comment section, and tell us how ready you are for these services.

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