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Google Webmaster Tools – A Site to Google Search Console

A webmaster is somebody who is accountable for the administration, preservation, or programming of a website. Google webmaster tools are web programs that empower users to classify their Website and monitor the status of classifying the website on Google search engine.

Google Webmaster Tools

This device assists to notify Google search engine about a distinct website or web page on your website. This will help advance the search appearance of your website on search engine. Other online webmaster tools on the internet are;   Yandex webmaster tools, Bing webmaster tools.

Google webmaster tools allow free services to it users to empower the user to attach their website on Google search engine outcomes.

This platform presents tools that permit webmasters to; Inspect your website sitemap, Verify and adjust the frequency of indexing, Information’s on how frequently Googlebot go through a website, Create and examine file roots.txt file, all internal and external back links to the site page will be shown, all error that the robot has faced should be shown and also how your site is indexed by Google.

Other important things on Google webmaster tools;  Users can gain access to support like Email markup tester, structured data testing tool, webmaster academy, structure data makeup helper,  Google my business,  Page speed insights, custom search, Google Domains, and Google merchant center.


How to Setup Google Webmaster Tools

If you are a guest to the portal; the basic requirements on how to use Google webmaster tools are;

To make use of this platform, you need to create an account. Signing up is easy, but if you have a Gmail account, you don’t have to sign up for Google webmaster tools account.

You can login using your Gmail account information. Get tips on how to open a Gmail account by reading our Gmail sign up Essay on how to open an account.

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How to Prove a Website | Google Webmaster Verification

To make productive use of this program, you need to add your website to Google search console. Here is a step by step guide on how to prove a website on Google webmaster tools;

  • Run your web browser and enter in in the URL bar section.
  • Go to Gmail account to Login to your account.
  •  On Google search console, add your website or Android app.
  • Type in the URL in the feed and hit on add property icon.
  • Uploading the HTML file to your website to complete the affirmation process.
  • Then, click on verify.

There you see five distinct Google verification code alternatives. You can pick any verdicts you want to use for the verification procedure; Giving you access to enable Google webmaster tools to index your website.


 Adding a Sitemap on Google Webmaster Tools

Sitemap on Google Webmaster assists in notifying Google search console on the page you have on your website. This lets the search console to index your post, post tag, page, and category on your website.

Steps on how to add a sitemap to Google search console.

  • Firstly, you have to Login to your Google webmaster tools account.
  • Tap on crawl at the left section, and then hit on a sitemap.
  • At the top right section, hit on add/test sitemap icon.
  • Type in the sitemap link, tap on submit icon.

You are also expected to regularly present post URL of a specific post to search console, so your post is index. Tap on Fetch as Google under crawl then enter the URL then hit on fetch and render.

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