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Hotjar tools is a great all in one tool used for analysis and feedback. Hotjar reports online activities and behaviours of a user on your website.

This portal is not just a tool for examination and feedback only; it helps to increase site user experience and performance by giving you well-defined information on how to get work done well on your site.


This is a powerful tool that aids webmasters to observe the activities of other users. Users make use of the analysis tools to measure and observe the behaviour of users even as a site admin.

Hotjar tools also have special feedback features that permit you to know what users have to say. This is a useful tool that serves as statistics and feedback tools.

Benefits of Hotjar Tools

Hotjar is equipped just like most web portals that are well built and designed with many tools and plugs for various specialities. But many users guess when it comes to controlling the activities of the user, but if you are tired of guessing why not try Hotjar. Hotjar gives you insight on your website and tells you what page on your website user’s love and visit all the time.

This is noticed just on what page users like. Hotjar tools give analysis on what they run, move, how far they scroll on a particular page, and even what they ignore. It grants you a well-documented video of your visitors and users see, what turn them off from your site.  features on Hotjar are;

  • Polls.
  • Funnels.
  • Heatmaps.
  • Froms.
  • Recruiter
  • Surveys.
  • Recordings.

Getting Started With Hotjar

To get started with Hotjar and enjoy Hotjar, you need to visit and hit on ‘try it for free’ icon. The following process involves the Hotjar account sign-up page where you can select any plan of your choice.

  • Fill in your accurate information in the appropriate fields.
  • Then enter your full name and email address and tap on ‘let’s get started’ icon.
  • Enter in your password on the next page at the password box.
  • Now you accept the term and conditions of us by reviewing the field and clicking on next and then completing the survey. Here are helpful hints to guide you on how to make complete use of this tool.
  • In other to get started with Hotjar, you need to visit the official web portal which is and hit on the’ try it for free or subscribe for a plan.’

Hotjar Subscription Plans

This Hotjar app for everyone on the basic plan for free is available. Basic Plan is a limited plan for students and followers. This basic plan is competent in collecting data from 2000 page views per day.

The plus plan collects data from 10000 page views per day with full entree to unlimited support, unlimited users and sites, plus plan is for $29 per month. There are other plans for different Businesses and Agencies.


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Hotjar Login

Registered users always have access to their account at any time they choose using either a mobile phone or PC. If you have finished the Hotjar sign-up process and you want to access your account lets go down with the login steps;

  • Run your web browser and enter the URL
  • The top right section on the homepage, tap on the sign-in icon in other to enter the login page.
  • Fill in your email and password in the appropriate feeds and hit on the sign in icon to log in into your account.
  • A user with wrong login information will not be able to login to their account. Note that if you haven’t signed up for an account, you won’t be able to log in.

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Note; You need to create an account in other to obtain login information.

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