How To Know If a Girl Likes You – Signs A Guy Must Know

Discovering that person who is interested in you can be frustrating, at times for some people. Though the experience is mutual for guys and girls, we will treat it from the point of the guys today. For the guys out there, these are how you will know if a girl likes you.

How You Can Know If a Girl Likes You

Different people fall in love in diverse ways, some fall easy, and some take the steps with utmost caution. Everyone has their reasons for the way they go about issues of love. But one thing is sure; that when someone likes you their behavior towards you will be adjusted.

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If you want to know if a girl likes you, as a guy, there are certain green lights you must take notice of by their attitude towards you. You being alert enough to notice these signs might be the deciding factor on initiating a relationship with her or not.

Finding Out On Time

The frustrating thing about situations like this is that if you don’t find out on time, you might come to curse yourself for not knowing that your interest towards a girl has always been mutual. We will show you what you should look out for in a girl that likes you.

When She Has a Crush on You

  • She can’t help Showing Concern

If a Girl Likes You, She will unknowingly start thinking of your well being from time to time. Even when she realizes that she is head over heels for you, she still won’t be able to help herself or keep her feelings in check when matters relating to you arise.

Sometimes she can even go the extra-mile of inconveniencing herself and sacrificing her comfort for yours. A girl in a situation like this might not tell you their feelings straight up, but deep down they want you to decipher the motive behind their actions immediately.

  • You lighten up Her Mood

If your presence makes a girl happy even when it is not just the two of you in the place, then you should know that she loves spending time with you. Does she laugh at jokes you make, and you don’t even think are that funny?, then you need to be making some wise moves if you are interested.

  • Mind The Body Contact

When a girl you know develops an attitude of touching you at every chance even when you don’t think its necessary, then think again, she might just be crushing on you. Although different girls handle their emotions in different ways, this occurs more often than not.

If a Girl Likes You, in some cases they will tap you when they are discussing with you, or they want to initiate a discussion. Some other times they will want a hug from you whenever they can. You must be sober enough to respond in kind if the feeling is mutual.

  • She Takes The Bold Step

We live in a society where it is expected of the guys to make the first move in initiating a relationship when they are interested in getting to know someone. Some girls are even perceived in “some type of way” when they play this role. However, all girls are not the same.

Some are bold enough to walk up to you and reveal their intentions, especially when they sense that the guy feels the same but has not said anything. If a girl likes you this much, know that she will go any length to get what she wants, and you should keep her.

  • She Ensures Her Family and Friends Know You

Any girl that is convinced about their feelings towards you will tend to show you off to her close friends and family members. Sometimes they might not take that route when they are not wholly convinced of their feelings, so you have to be very careful in this situation.

But if she loves introducing you any opportunity she gets, Bro, she wants to keep you. She would wish the people she is in close relationship with can get to know you as well. This is a credible experience you will get if a girl likes you.

  • You Make Her Nervous

When a girl’s countenance change whenever you engage her in any activity or discussion, she might just be crushing on you. A girl in a situation like this might start making mistakes because her heart might be beating so fast that she isnt thinking straight again.

  • The Awkward Stares and Eye Contacts

Have you had the awkward eye contact experience with a girl before?. When she withdraws her stare as soon as soon as your gaze meets hers, then she is interested in some way. Girls like this might never reveal their intentions if they don’t notice their position.

  • She Thinks You are Intelligent

If a girl likes you, she might think that your idea is the best in a group. Sometimes, she will want to know what your opinion is on a matter and barely finds fault in your actions. You might never do wrong in her eyes, either that or that she doesn’t act like it.

  • Trivial Actions

When a girl starts commenting on the color of your shirt and the quality of your pants, she might just be showing interest in you. Does she like to pick your hair, dress your tie or remove freckles from your jeans? It means she cares about you.

  • She Likes Talking The Future

A girl that thinks you two should be together will start making space for you in her future. They will start thinking of a future together with you unknowingly to you. She might even ask you questions that have to do with your future from time to time.

This could be because they imagine what it would feel like to share their future with you. They can be very subtle and insecure when they put questions like this forward because they know that your answer can either fire their flames or dash their hope.


In situations like these, things are not always plain and simple. Some girls might exhibit some of these characteristics even when they don’t have any interest in you. You must be sober as a guy to avoid taking the wrong and embarrassing steps.

If you fail to notice it if a girl likes you or thinks you are worth spending time with, you might just miss the great chance of being with someone that admires you. Dont make the mistake of missing out on a girl like this, you never know “She might be the one”

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