How to Track Movies And TV Series That You Have Watched Easily

While others have chosen to evaluate new pastimes or grow new abilities, you have wanted to observe each great film or TV appear out there. In such circumstances, a film tracker is a significant option to have. Some apps can help you do this with relative ease.

Why Track Movies?

Tracking films is fundamental since people will, in general, overlook the motion pictures they observed already. In this way, an apparatus will assist you in finding a film that you can’t recall. A film assortment application will likewise assist you with prescribing motion pictures to other people.

Scarcely any film tracker applications additionally prescribe motion pictures dependent on your past sections. Be that as it may, the most essential motivation to have a film tracker, as I would see it, is to know the measure of time spent watching motion pictures and TV appears.

Most ideal Way to Track Movies and TV Shows

In the wake of testing out a few applications and sites, here are the two best films and TV demonstrate trackers to begin:

  1. Letterboxd

Track Movies

The application highlights Netflix-like UI with film boxes put in a steady progression.

A long-push on a film takes care of brings another segment where you can check the film as watched and tap on the ‘Like’ button on the off chance that it hangs out in your view. Follow this in the event that you are including recently watched films, however on the off chance that it’s another one, add it to the journal where you can log the date too.

Letterboxd isn’t just reasonable for following movies, yet it is additionally a decent wellspring of finding new motion pictures, again because of its instinctive UI and film channels. You can sort films by fame, year, kind, rating, cast, and the sky is the limit from there.

Other than that, you can see your companions’ watchlist, dairy, preferences, surveys, and the sky is the limit from there. Obviously, they can decide to keep this data private. You can likewise check the accessibility of a film on spilling administrations which are fueled by JustWatch. Coincidentally, JustWatch is likewise an extraordinary apparatus to follow films, nonetheless, not at all like Letterboxd.

You can likewise observe the film details, however sadly, the element is restricted to paid clients. On the off chance that you need, it’s only 19$ for one year, which we accept is without a doubt justified, despite all the trouble.

  1. Trakt

Track Movies

The site has a colossal index of motion pictures and TV appears. Like Letterboxd, you can add shows to the watchlist, mark it as watched or even add it to an assortment.

While making a passage, clients can set a specific date or imprint the film/TV appear as watched “at the present time” or on the “discharge date”. The most splendid component of Trakt is the client’s dashboard, where one can perceive what to watch straight away, take a gander at the time details, and synopsis of survey propensities throughout the previous 30 days.

Trakt versus Letterboxd

Two things separate Trakt from Letterboxd. First is Trakt offers a schedule where you can see when new scenes are coming up, past film/TV show sections, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You can even set up notices in the paid rendition.

Second is Trakt’s film and TV show proposals that depend on the client’s review history. One major catch with Letterboxd is that it doesn’t bolster TV appears.

To defeat this impediment, Trakt effective for the following TV series while Letterboxd for following films. With everything taken into account, the two instruments have a few highlights better than the other. All things considered, in the event that you watch many motion pictures and TV appears or simply beginning, at that point Letterboxd and Trakt, both are incredible to Track Movies, in the first place.

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