How To Use Google Search Console – Features and Login Process

Google search console which is the same as Google webmaster tools is one of the best tools for a user who owns a blog or website. It helps search engine to index your site and also makes it noticeable on Google search result. Google offers this service for free for webmasters. This review will show you how to use Google Search Console.

Google Search Console Features and Login Process

Earlier, Google search console was formerly called Google webmaster tools. It was later renamed on May 20, 2015, as Google search console. In the search engine, Google is the leading search engine in the world with thousands of thousands of users continually searching on web platform.

Creating an account

Creating a Google search console account is a very easy procedure. Google made it possible for users who have a Gmail account to access all Google services. So, having a Gmail account makes the sign-up process easy. Here are the steps to sign-up;

  • Open your web browser and locate the address bar and enter in in the URL bar.
  • Users can login with their Gmail account login details create a Gmail account.
  • Once the sign-up process is complete, the user is required to add a website and sitemap on Google search console to set up his account.

Google search console aids to notify Google search engine about your website and a specific web page. These tools help in building organic traffic to a website.

Services Offered

Google console aids search engine index a registered website and web page. This service is open to all users who have signed-up for a Google account.


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  • This gets information about your website from your website sitemap.
  • Errors experienced by Google search console robot can be seen by users.
  • Correct all frequency of indexing on your site.
  • This platform can create and test file roots.txt file.
  • Also, users can know how indexing projects are carried out on their website.

How To Use Google Search Console

Login Process

This procedure is only open to users who have completed the signup process. This is the login steps are below.

  • Run your web browser and enter the URL as
  • Tap on the sign in icon, at the top right section.
  • Enter your Gmail account details the login feeds.
  • Hit on the sign-in icon to log in to your account.
  • This process platform gives users to entry to all the handy webmaster resources.
  • A user can now tell Google all about their site and all the possible category, page, post, and post tag on their website. This is done by presenting a sitemap on Google search console program.

Submitting sitemap on Google search console platform;

  • Go to your browser and enter the webmaster’s Google address in the address bar section.
  • Ensure you have submitted your website and completed the verification procedures.
  • Tap on crawl, and then click on the sitemap. Read also Google Webmaster Tools
  • Hit on add sitemap and type in the sitemap link without your website address, finally clicking on the submit icon.
  • There are so much more for webmaster that uses this platform. Then users will click on fetch. With this user has to submit the URL to Google to render.

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