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I Am Mother Movie on Netflix – Review of Sci-fi Thriller

Netflix has released the I Am Mother trailer, and we are in for a treat. The movie which initially premiered during the 2019 Sundance Film Festival has Byrne voicing the character of a robot who was bringing a girl (Rugaard) after the human race was bordering on extinction.

I Am Mother Trailer Released on Netflix

I Am Mother Trailer

Everything appeared to be moving just fine until she learns that she has probably been raised on lies and deceit. The sole survivor comes in contact with an injured woman who hints that robot Mother may not be telling her “daughter” everything.

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I Am Mother was made in Australia based on a screenplay by Michael Lloyd Green and from the movie trailer, there might be a few flashbacks to Alex Garland’s 2014 science fiction psychological thriller Ex Machina. However, as a man portrays ex Machina, this one features two female acts; one human, and the other a robot.

Netflix delivered a trailer for I Am Mother. At almost three minutes in length, the clip opens with the young girl’s beginning. The robot character reveals that humanity’s second opportunity starts with the “Daughter,” and that the world as it is known is dead.

Netflix’s I Am Mother Trailer, Movie Poster and Review

By the second minute of the movie trailer, Swank makes her first appearance as the obscure stranger, and the production points to the fact that Mother isn’t too happy with the guest’s arrival and her discussions with the alleged sole hope of the human race.

For Byrne, I Am Mother is the second of three prominent voiced characters in new feature movies. While Byrne has an impressive roster of dramatic roles, especially in the X-Men and Insidious franchises, she has without a doubt authenticated herself as a popular mainstream comedic actress.

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