How To Install Microsoft Edge Extensions On Windows Browser

Microsoft Edge Extensions

Microsoft edge has in its own right been a formidable and efficient web browser since its inception in 2015 along with the Windows 10 Operating system. However, a lot of internet users still don’t know how to install Microsoft Edge extensions to these browsers.

Installing Microsoft Edge Extensions On Browser

These Edge extensions are available for download on Windows Store. They can be manually downloaded and installed by the user just like in other similar web browsers. You can execute the additions with the following steps below.

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There are numerous extensions available on the Windows Store for the smooth performance of essential tasks. From Microsoft Translator to Reddit Enhancement Suite and Mouse Gestures, there are a host of useful additions that can be made to your web browser.

  • Microsoft Translator – It can interpret web page data into over 50 languages when you visit a webpage with a foreign language on Microsoft Edge.
  • Reddit Enhancement Suite – It makes your Reddit user-experience better with a series of modules.
  • Mouse Gestures – It delivers fundamental browsing responsibilities through mouse gestures.

After the download of your required extension, you must launch it from the download notification on your web browser. Left-click on Run button to proceed; it will then obtain the required Microsoft Edge extension files from your PC.

Microsoft Edge Extensions Available on Windows Store

To successfully install extensions on Microsoft Edge web browser, click on the More button on the top-right corner and select “Extensions”. It will then open a new window on your desktop and require that you find the Microsoft Edge extension file folder. Locate this folder and click on Select Folder.

And that is all, You will then see all your new extension outlined on the Microsoft Edge extensions menu. You can get as many of them that are useful to you and add them to your list without delay. All these extensions and more are available on the Microsoft Windows Store.

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