iPhone Backup Options – Maximizing the iCloud and iTunes

iPhone Backup

As one of, if not the most technologically advanced smartphones in the world, iPhones are built for high performance on any given task. The iPhone backup options give users the benefit of safety for their data and documents of any type. See how you can put the two most popular options to use effectively.

Maximizing Your iPhone Backup Options

The systems below will help you set up your data security options on your iOS devices easily.

  • iCloud

The iCloud is a system available on Apple devices, beginning from iOS 5 and higher. It is an essential storage feature on these smart devices, and also a reliable iPhone backup solution. Below is how you can set it up to work correctly for you;

How to Activate the iCloud’s iPhone Backup Feature:

  • Connect to an active Wi-Fi network around you.
  • Go to Settings and open iCloud and Backup.
  • Turn on iCloud backup.
  • Proceed to tap back up now.
  • To Check your iPhone backup Settings
  • Go to Settings
  • Click on iCloud, Storage,
  • Then Manage Storage
  • Choose your device.
  • There you can view your latest backup listed.

Apple gives the first 5GB backup for free. However, you can receive more storage space of 50GB for $0.99, 200GB for $2.99, 1TB for $9.99 per month.

  • iTunes

To execute your iPhone back on iTunes, you need to employ the services of a computer installed with the iTunes software. Connect and enable your phone to interact with the device either via Wi-Fi or USB cord. Backing up via iTunes to your computer is notably easy. The following steps will guide you:

  • Open iTunes
  • Connect your iPhone to your computer
  • Then select File
  • Choose Devices
  • Go to backup or click “Backup Up Now” from the summary page

With this system, you can secure everything from your iPhone – photos, videos, text messages, application data, among others, from your iPhone to your computer if you want.

Do not forget to do the backup from time to time. However, the automatic use of the system is possible, but you have to be warned because it consumes a lot of network bandwidth (think LTE, 3G, and 4G) at intervals.

Was this iPhone backup options resourceful enough? Let us know your areas of challenge in the section below, and we will not hesitate to come to your aid.

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