How to Lock Your Facebook Profile – Facebook Profile Lock Steps

Lock Your Facebook Profile

You can lock your Facebook profile from individuals or a group of persons you dont want your details disclosed. We are going to guide you on how you can achieve this without any challenges. Go through the article to broaden your knowledge of the exercise.

How to Lock your Facebook Profile in Quick Steps

There are some people that you are not comfortable with them having specific information about you, and that is where Facebook profile lock comes in for you. This particular individual(s) will be restricted from the knowledge of you that you dont want them to have from your Facebook page.

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They can only see a permitted and open fraction of your Facebook Profile. Those individuals that are not your friend’s list can only see a small preview of your current profile picture on your Facebook profile. They cannot like, share, or comment on your Post.

Lock your Facebook Profile With The Following Steps

  • Launch your Facebook app or go to the website if you don’t have the app installed on your phone.
  • Click on the Menu display button then select the Settings Button.
  • Tap the Privacy button under the settings.
  • Then, set the privacy to only you or friends of friends depending on your choice. That way, the people that can see your post will be limited. The people that can also communicate with you or send you a friend request will also be your choice.

Do you want your Facebook profile only to be accessible to a select group of persons? Lock your Facebook profile with the steps above if that is what you want, then, your personal information will be more secure.

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