WhatsApp Tricks You Should Know: Cool Tricks To Spice Up Your Whatsapp

Here, you will see the Major Whatsapp Tricks You Should Know and use to thrill your friends and colleagues. They make your chats cool and might just win you some admirers to your Whatsapp account. Whether you are new or experienced on the app, these tips will take your cred to the next level.

Awesome Whatsapp Tricks You Must Learn

Whatsapp tricks without a doubt just make your messaging activities cooler when you know and use them appropriately. They endear your contacts to your contents and make them want more. Even though they are not hard to put into use, they are still secrets to many users.

When you know a few Whatsapp tricks, it makes your work unique and different from what everybody else is putting out there. Knowledge of it will also give off the impression that you are well versed and experienced with the messaging app even when that is not the case.

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You will learn some tricks that will help you read messages and have the app convince your contacts otherwise. You will also be able to control the group and select people who can view your Whatsapp updates. You can call them Whatsapp magic, and they can be initiated on any device.

Major Whatsapp Skills for Pros.

  • Hiding Your Profile Pictures

This trick has three major options, and they are detailed out below:

  1. Everyone: This is the situation where every Whatsapp user that has your number in their phone (even when the situation is not mutual) can view your profile picture.
  2. My contacts: Here, the visibility of your profile pictures strictly to the contacts on your phone.
  3. Nobody: Nobody in any category will be able to see your profile in this option.

Procedure: Tap Chats > Click on the three vertical dots at the top right side of your screen > tap ‘settings’ > select “Account” > tap ‘privacy’ > tap ‘Profile photo’ > then select any of the options above.

  • Decide who sees your Whatsapp Status

If you want to determine who sees your status on Whatsapp for any particular reason, you can do just that. This Whatsapp trick also has options that are similar to the profile pictures options.

Procedure: Tap ‘Status’ > Click on the three vertical dots at the right top corner of your screen > tap “Status privacy” > select who can see your Whatsapp status updates.

  • Maximize Your Whatsapp Storage Space

When you run out of storage space because of the inflow of media contents through Whatsapp, you might just hold on from deleting your Whatsapp root folders or even the App itself. You can just discover the major space-consuming chat and get rid of it.

Procedure: Tap the three vertical dots on the top your screen > select “settings” > tap ‘Data and Storage’ > select ‘storage’ (you will be able to see a list of contacts with the highest size >tap on the contact > select ‘manage messages’ > tick or untick the boxes > tap ‘clear messages’.

  • Read Chats Unnoticed

Though this trick feels a little bit spooky, it is still an impressive Whatsapp trick to have under your sleeve. With this skill, you can read your contact’s messages without them knowing that you have.
Sneaky but awesome especially when you don’t want to reply.

Procedure: Tap the three vertical dots at the top right corner of your screen > select “Account” > tap “Privacy” > untick the “Read Receipts ” box.

Warning: When this option has been activated, your contacts can also read your chats without you noticing it. If you are okay with that, then it is one of the coolest Whatsapp tricks possible.

  • Discover when your chat is ignored

This option will tell you when the recipients of your messages received them and how long it took them to give you a reply. Do you want to know how your contacts value your messages?, then this Whatsapp trick is perfect for you.

Procedure: Tap and hold the last chat you sent until it’s highlighted > tap the three vertical dots at the top of your screen > tap “info” (you will see the message info declaring when the message was forwarded, read and when it arrived).

  • Find out those follow your posts in a group

It is common to have people in Whatsapp groups that don’t get involved in the conversations and communicate with the other group members. This Whatsapp trick will reveal those you might not know they are part of the group even though they follow your chats.

Procedure: Type a message on the group chat > tap and hold the chat you sent > click on the three vertical dots at the top right corner of your screen > tap ‘info’ (You will see the list of all those who read your message and the time the chat was seen. You will also see those who are yet to read under the “delivered” section.

  • Silent Group Chats

Have you ever picked up your phone to see it overflowing with notifications, only to find out that you have just been added to a group without your consent?. You are not alone ass almost every Whatsapp user have witnessed that.

Picking up your phone and then abruptly leaving the group straight out might seem rude towards the other members. That is when this Whatsapp trick comes to your rescue. It will help you mute the group notifications and reply when it is convenient for you.

Procedure: Tap “Chats” > Tap and hold the group chat > click on the sound icon that is crossed with a slash located at the top corner immediately after the pin icon

  • Make emphasis on your chats: Whatsapp Tricks – How to Format your Texts

This Whatsapp trick is essential especially if you wish to announce in a group chat, or you need to emphasize on a specific point during communication with your friend.

With these Whatapp tricks, users can make bold the content of their chats, italicize, strike-through, or even COMBINE THEM EFFECTIVELY.

Procedure: Bold: type *the words you wish to make bold*

                         Italicize type _the words you wish to italicize_

                         Strike-through: type ˜the words you wish to strike-through˜

  • Create the Giant Love Smileys: Whatsapp Tricks – Create Big Breathing Heart

Smileys, when used at the right time could express the way you feel at the moment; the huge red heart beating smiley is an awesome smiley that cannot be found generally on the Whatsapp smiley section.


Navigate to the Whatsapp smiley section > choose four red hearts ❤❤❤❤and send > tap one 💚green heart and send > tap one 💜purple heart and send > then tap one ❤red heart and send.

Now that you have a breathing heart, tap and hold it and forward to your contacts.

  • How to Change Whatsapp Font

Changing your Whatsapp font is just one of the formatting Whatsapp tricks like the BOLD, ITALICIZE, and STRIKE THROUGH. It just changes the style at which your message appears while chatting.

Procedure: Change Whatsapp font: Type ”’the message you wish to change its font”’

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