Facebook Event – How To Manage Your Facebook Event

Facebook Event

Facebook Event has become a significant player in the social activities of a lot of users. The options and features on it have made it an indispensable help in organizing your Schedules and events. Because of the vast amounts of subscribers, we know that it is a commonly used tool.

How to Set Up a Facebook Event

  • Open the News Feed page and select Events.
  • Click the plus icon to Create Event. Click Create Private or Public Event. Private facebook events are visible to guests. Note The event cannot be changed from an individual to a public event after creating it.
  • Provide the event title, location, time, date, and report then proceed.

How To Edit an Event Page

  1. On your News Feed page, click Events from the left menu.
  2. Click on the pen icon next to the upcoming event.
  3. After that, you can edit the title, location, time, account or co-hosts of the event.
  4. Save and proceed.

Event Canceling or Deletion

  • Go to the facebook event page.
  • Click the pen icon to Edit.
  • Then click cancel event then Cancel or remove the Facebook Event. Click Confirm. Note that a notification will be transferred to all previously engaged guest.

Remove People From the News Feed page.

  • Go to Click Events and make your selection.
  • Search for the person on Going, Maybe or Invited. Tap the X icon next to the invited button on the results.

Group Facebook Event

  1. To set up a group Facebook Event, Go to the group.
  2. Then, locate the Events panel.
  3. Select “Create Event” and provide all the necessary details and then Create.

We believe that these are fascinating steps to setting up and managing your Facebook Event. There are a lot of exciting options available to help users spice up their page, and you can take advantage of every single one of them to bring out the best results for yourself.

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