NCS Shortlist 2020 – Check Shortlisted Candidates PDF Here

NCS Shortlist 2020

Anyone who is in the running for the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) Recruitment 2019/2020 after the submission of applications should know the following. The NCS Shortlist 2019/2020 is now available for all of you who were successful in applying for the recruitment activity.

The Complete NCS PDF Shortlist 2019/2020 

Now, take the next step for yourself or your pals who applied for a spot in the Nigeria Customs Service. Make sure to check out the success of their application with the NCS Shortlist 2019/2020 here. 

All States in the Nigeria Customs Service Shortlist PDF

With that said, the links below might just be the best news for you;

How to Check View NCS Shortlist 2019/2020 PDF

You have now been afforded direct routes to these lists for different states. Also, visit to verify the names anytime.

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