5 Neglected Low-Stress Job With A 6-Figure Pay


Median salary: $104,285

If math has regularly been your hobby, you may have disregarded the thought of growing into a mathematician. We understand you have to devote a lot of your seasons to the subject, but if carrying out research and producing mathematical laws is your thing, you might need to see into this as a full-time career, especially when you take math as fun. It is a low stress job with high salary.


Median salary: $103,307

If you’re a people individual and consider yourself an extremely coordinated person, you might contemplate having a career as a human resources manager, it is a low stress job. With their day to day tasks involving planning and organizing admin work for an office setting, it can be the quite the best fit for someone who appreciates being social to others.  After getting knowledge, some organizations pay a great salary for this kind of career.


Median salary: $101,360

If you love biology, especially human biology, that is the body, and its functions, you can opt out to be an optometrist. An optometrist is a very detailed and extra careful person. This involves prescription eye medicines and little or no contact with eyes. Since they are not the same with the ophthalmologist, they don’t operate on the eyes. This being a low stress job, they are paid high salaries.

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