How to Organize Apps on Your iPad – Best iPhone Apps Arrangement

Organize Apps on Your iPad

There are no specific apps for arranging all the apps downloaded from the App Store; nevertheless, you will eventually need to organize your apps sooner or later when you are a frequent downloader of the latest app releases. Learn how you can organize the apps on your iPhone or iPad below.

Organize Your iPad Apps With Folders

Follow these directions to complete the process successfully.

  • Click on and hold the app you want in a folder.
  • When the app starts wiggling, drag and drop it over the app, you want it in the same folder with.
  • As you continue to hold the app, you zoom into a folder view. Release the app.
  • Add a name to the folder if the generic name the iPad chooses isn’t the one you want to use, by tapping in the name area. The iPad recognizes types of apps, so if you create a folder with two weather apps in it, the name will be Weather.
  • Click off the folder and back on the Home screen. Now you can click, hold, and drag additional apps into the folder.

Make several folders to hold your apps. People often create folders for games, productivity apps, entertainment apps, financial apps, and so on. If you don’t end up using a particular folder, drag all the apps in it out to the Home screen, and the folder disappears.

Place Your Most-Used Apps on the Dock

You can place an app on the dock the same way you would move it anywhere.

  • Press and hold on the app until it jiggles.
  • Move the app to the dock and hold until the other apps on the dock move are clear.
  • Then let it go.

If your dock is already full or if you decide you need one of the default apps on the dock, move apps off the dock just as you would move them from anywhere. When you run the app off the dock, the other apps on the dock reposition themselves.

Sort the Apps Alphabetically

There is no way to keep your apps permanently organized alphabetically, but you can sort them without moving each app using a workaround.

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Go to General on the left-side menu and choose Reset at the bottom of the General settings.
  • Click on Reset “Home Screen Layout” and confirm your choice on the dialog box that appears by tapping Reset.

For more information follow this link for answers to your questions.

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