How to Save Music to iCloud and Google Drive

Save Music iCloud Google Drive

The best way to make sure that your music collection is secure is to have them backed up somewhere safe. Depending on your device OS, you can either decide to save your music to iCloud or Google Drive. It is a smart way to freeing up storage space from your device and at the same time having access to the files whenever you are in need of them.

How to Save Music to iCloud

First of all, you must sign up for a free Apple ID to have access to this service, if you haven’t already. It offers you 5GB of cloud storage space, with the option extend it with charges.

Follow the guideline below to complete the process:

  • Mobile: Go to Settings > Music.
  • PC: In iTunes, select Edit > Preferences > iCloud Music Library.
  • Mac: Select iTunes > Preferences > iCloud Music Library.

When this is complete, you can access your music with any device on your iCloud Music Library, and the settings are synced to your devices.

How to Save Music to Google Drive

Google Drive automatically backs up and syncs your files and documents. You can also store your music for access from different devices, and it is easy to process.

  • Sign in to your Google account,
  • Click the “Apps” bar, and select “Drive.”
  • Tap the “Create” icon, select “Folder,” type in a name, and then click “Create.”
  • Open the folder and drag and drop files from File Explorer in Windows, or
  • Click on the “Upload” button, and then select “Files” for upload.
  • You can select multiple files by holding the “Ctrl” key while clicking on each file.

On the Chrome browser, you can upload an entire folder by selecting “Enable Folder Upload.” Other browsers might require add-ons.

We believe that now you can easily save your music to iCloud or Google Drive easily from now onwards, forward your questions to the comment section below.

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