How to Schedule Text Message on iOS12 with Shortcut App

schedule text message

If you are still new or inexperienced with the new iOS12 features, you will no doubt run into a few difficulties now and then. One of these potential challenges might be how to schedule a text message so that it can automatically forward to the recipient when due. 

How to Schedule Text Message on iOS12

It is one of the most effective ways of being in charge even when you are not. For example, you will not miss out on sending your pals their birthday greeting even when you fail to remember. The scheduled text messages will take care of the situation for you.

You can set up your new iOS device to perform this task for you without any challenges. To do this, a third-party app is is required on your iPhone or iPad.

Send Schedule Text Messages on iPhone Using Siri Shortcut

  •  The first step is to get the send delayed text shortcut on your iOS device.
  • After installing the shortcut app, Locate and tap the three dots icon on the Send delayed text shortcut.
  • Here, you can schedule a text message to multiple contacts on your iOS.

WARNING: You are advised to leave all other settings the way they are. Although you can change the date, it does not really matter. Turn off the toggle next to ‘Show When Run’.

  • From the settings, Add to Siri to command, etc.

When everything is in place, run the shortcut from the Library.

  • Tap ‘Send a delayed text.’
  • Select the contact that you are sending a schedule text message.
  • Now, enter the message then tap on OK.
  • Next, set the date and time you want to send the message in the future.
  • Then tap on the OK button.

Now, you have scheduled a text message on your iOS device successfully. The message will be delivered on the date as indicated. You will now have more control and be on top of the situation more often than not.

NOTE: do not close the shortcut app (you can minimize) because closing the app will prompt the app not to deliver your message.

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