How to Share Your Screen on Skype – Latest Mobile Skype Screen Share

Share Your Screen on Skype

Users can now share their screen with their devices on Skype. The popular desktop characteristic is now available on the mobile app for Android and iOS devices. Read through for more details on the newest features skype has introduced to mobiles.

It used to be solely possible on desktops, but now you can do the same on your smartphones. A welcome development for the mobile version users of the social media app.

How to Share Your Screen on Skype via Smartphones

When you’re in a Skype call, click on the “…” menu and choose “Share Screen”. You will automatically be sharing your screen visuals with the person (or people) on the other end of the call.

There are different reasons why one might want to have their screen shared by others. Possibly you want your pals to help you sort something out online or tidy up a few official dealing with colleagues who might not be around. That is exactly what this feature does best.

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To activate the skype screen sharing feature on the mobile version of of the app, you must first of all update the Skype app to the latest version. It supports devices running Android 6.0 and upwards, or iOS 12 and upwards.

The Skype screen sharing feature is the latest in a number of new enhancements Microsoft has introduced in recent times. It has been widely accepted, and hopefully, the option along with the host of other new features, will not let any user down.

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