15 Unique Sites Like 123Movies to Watch Movies Online


Another option to the former Putlocker site, this website is an attractive place to watch and download HD quality videos and TV series. Putlocker.kz enables you to possess access to the most famous and latest movies. Not only that, you can get your favorite TV Shows at no cost.

This website has an awesome media archives that include content for Hollywood lover and Bollywood. You can also decide to play subtitles while seeing a movie and can prefer to see a movie or TV series in chosen video quality beyond possible options.


Boasting an extensive database, YesMovies has all you could have gotten on 123Movies. The most significant piece about this site is its fast streaming speed and a lesser amount of ads during scrolling. This site is refreshed each day with fresh content which means you will barely miss a thing you are intrigued in viewing and it is possible to find almost every latest release on this site.

TV shows and Movies are free from several countries beyond different genres with features such as the propaganda of the year, video length, state, and the IMDb rank. This site merits your visit as it is entirely free to use.


If you love vintage and have a passion for old classic films, IceFilms is what you should contemplate trying. A fantastic alternative to 123Movies, this site has a vibrant selection of movies and TV shows. Their database is refreshed daily. This makes people a regular user of the website.

Besides old videos, you can regularly spot the latest release which you can explore by genres, countries, IMDb numbers or years. To make it simple for you to observe what’s trending, you can tour the region of feature films. It is smooth to run media content here as you do not need to be a registered user of IceFilms.


As the title sounds, WatchFree allows you to watch all sorts of movies at no cost. You can further stream TV series on this site. Rated a complete alternative to 123Movies, you are not expected to be a registered user of WatchFree to view your desired movie.

The default interface of the site grants you access to media content quickly without any interference. However, you can discover as numerous movies and TVs series you need, the online site does not have any database of its own. It presents external links to various resources.


Like all other available movie viewing site noted here, MyDownloadTube is an excellent option to 123Movies. Rather than seeing movies and TV series online, you can download them using your PC. Without having to enroll on the online site, you can reach all the media content at no cost. However, with only one condition.

You can watch for free, but to download a film or a TV series, you first are demanded to sign-up for an account. MyDownloadTube does not own any of its media. Here, all things are attainable only from external links to various legal movie streaming sites.

Niter Movies

Niter is a fantastic alternative to acknowledge when to think of the supplements to 123Movies. It has a reliable interface, and submit videos in HD quality. No uncertainty it is available to use, it grants an extraordinary selection of movies and TV series to view online.

The only trouble you have to perform is Sign-up for an account which is free, and you’re set to go. The site maintains to retain its database renewed of all the freshest released movies and TV shows. There is a segment to illustrate the newly added videos on the homepage where you see all the features and the media content to view.

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