The Angry Birds Movie 2 Cast – Popular Characters behind the Voices

The Angry Birds Movie 2 Cast

We are going to share the characters whose voices graced one of the most anticipated animation movies of the year. The Angry Birds Movie 2 Cast does not disappoint in the stars department, as it is packed full with some of the most endearing and talented actors we have come to know.

The Angry Birds Movie 2 Cast in Full

The movie was made available in theatres on 2nd of August 2019, in Ireland and the United Kingdom. Then on the 13th of the same month, the same feat was achieved in the United States of America. It has greatly impressed views so far, and is not looking like slowing down anytime soon.

Movie Synopsis

Red, Chuck, Bomb and their group of friends were shocked when a green pig recommends that they put aside their disagreements and come together to fight a common menace.

Invading birds from an island of ice are plotting to use a sophisticated weapon to lay the fowl and swine way of life to waste. After selecting their most reliable and witted, these birds and pigs come together with a plan to penetrate the island, destroy the arsenal and return to their respective paradises safely.

Full Movie Cast

Who are your favorite characters from The Angry Birds Movie 2 Cast? We hope that you are impressed by the collection of talented characters in making the project a success. Forward you reactions to the comment section below, we will be glad to know what you think about them.

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