VLC Converter – How to Convert Video to Audio and MP4 Format on VLC

VLC Converter

Along with the fact that VLC is an excellent media player, it is just one of the crucial tasks it can perform on a computer and mobile device. See how you can maximize the options on your VLC converter and convert your videos and audios to your desired formats.

Introducing the VLC Converter

VLC has an impressive converter feature that boasts an effective convert speed and quality formats. A lot of third-party apps that are for the same purpose require further installations and possible registrations. These challenges are non-existent.

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It will thrill you to know that you can successfully convert your video and audio contents to any format on VLC. You can easily convert all your media files into various quality formats with minimal and simple procedures you will see below.

How to Convert Files on VLC Converter

Step I: Select the Convert/Save option

  • Launch VLC media player and navigate to Media> Convert/Save.

Step II: Choose the desired file for conversion

  • Choose and add the file you want to convert and click on the Convert/Save button to continue with video to audio.

Step III: Choose the desired format

  • Now choose a format you want to convert to by selecting the drop-down menu option next to the Profile.

Step IV: Begin to convert.

  • Choose a saving destination and click on Start.

IMPORTANT: Endeavor to pick the best format for the device on which you will play the converted media file.

You don’t need to bother yourself with the numerous video converter applications out there when you have this media player installed on your device. The VLC converter is also as efficient and resourceful as the best and frequently used media converters out there.

Media Formats Obtainable with VLC Converter

Below is a list of quality formats that media can be converted to with VLC media converter.

Audio Format

  • MP3
  • MP3 (MP4)
  • Vorbis (OGG)
  • CD
  • FLAC

Video Format

  • iPod SD
  • Android SD High
  • MPEG4 1080p TV/device
  • YouTube HD
  • MPEG4 720p TV/device
  • YouTube SD
  • DivX compatible player
  • Android HD
  • iPod HD/iPhone/PSP
  • Android SD Low

Try the VLC converter today and see that the quality of media conversion on the player will surprise you. It is a feature of the media app that a lot of users have no come to know, but those of us that do make good use of it and maximize the usefulness of the VLC player.

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