5 Ways To block Unknown Callers On Any Phone

5 Ways To block Unknown Callers On Your Phone: One of the chief causes of credit card scam is pesky unknown calls from outside countries by callers who are attempting to hijack your data.

Everyone becomes irritated when some stray person calls us and attempts to scam their idea into you disclosing our private information but, what alternatives do we have to guard us?

5 Ways To block Unknown Callers On Your Phone

Based on several reports, 2017 only cost the inhabitants of the USA near to a billion dollars due to scam, and the original one reason of this decline was swindling calls which are developing at an unusual pace.

Records show that by 2020, every second call made will be a swindling call which models the problem of how can a person stay secure in such a threatening environment? A single answer would be not to take unknown calls but how can you guarantee that only known callers get across to you? Let’s discover that.

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Native Call Blocking

All Smartphone now gives a system to block unknown calls natively. If someone has been disturbing you by calling with the very number frequently, then you can completely prevent them so they can’t contact you.

Call blocking on Android

Each Android phone is distinctive and hence all phones will have a diverse means to prevent calls natively but here is the overall procedure

  • Initiate the Phone app and move to recent calls
  • Long tap on the number you want to block
  • A menu will surface, pick ‘block’ from that menu.
  • Click Confirm if an SMS prompt comes up.

Call blocking on iPhones

  • To bar calls on iPhone all you need to do is guarantee you are operating iOS 7 or higher.
  • Begin the Phone app
  • Navigate to recent calls
  • Hit the small “I” icon to the right of the number/contact and move down the menu until you see ‘block.’
  • Click block and confirm.

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Call blocking by Service Provider

Most significant service providers in the US give services to block unknown calls, you can obtain this service by dialing up the customer care number for your service provider and requesting them to block calls from a specific number. Below are some customer care service numbers of the prominent players in the business.

  • AT&T Customer Care Number: 1 (800) 331-0500
  • Sprint Customer Care Number: 1 (888) 211-4727
  • Verizon Customer Care Number: 1 (800) 922-0204
  • T-Mobile Customer Care Number: 1 (877) 453-1304

Using the National Cellular Directory

Many times people calling us from unrecognized numbers could be our past associations or maybe an old relation attempting to contact you but how do we identify who is owns the unknown number that is calling us? This is where the National Cellular Directory functions.

National Cellular Directory White Pages have a different lookup tool that enables you to recognize unknown numbers and gives you with an authentic report of who is calling which aids you determine whether you should take up their receiver or not. Also, it has a regular happy hour where for one hour each day you can examine for the number that called you for no cost at all!

Using 3rd Party Call Management Apps

3rd party call management applications are fabulous to assist you to find out who called and further to block unrecognized spam calls. Many of such applications subsist in the market, and many of them possess their databases to recognize spam callers as well as other positive people who may have called. Here are some of the soundest apps we prescribe to you.


Everyone recognizes Truecaller, and a large number of you may be utilizing it now to block undesired spam calls which try to swindle you. The app is excellent and enables you to check up numbers, block unknown numbers, block spam calls and also block anonymous and spam messages.

Truecaller is the best means to block annoying unwanted callers from reaching through to you. The only negative side to using this app is that it demands a lot of data from the user which several may not be happy sharing. Truecaller is ready for both Android and iPhones and can be gotten from the play store or the app store individually.

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Related to Truecaller in several ways yet uniquely different, Hiya is a call management app that assists you to recognize who is calling and if they have been placed into the blacklist by others. It also distinguishes spam calls and assists you block them ere they contact you.

The app is entirely free to use and doesn’t give you the user any ads or needs you to provide a subscription fee. The user platform is exceptionally pleasing, and because of that, the app is delightful to apply. It is open for both Android and iPhone and is gotten from their corresponding app stores.

Forwarding all calls to Voicemail

If you are tired of people calling you and you want to block unknown callers that calls you and not just the annoying anonymous ones; you have the ability to forward all your calls to voicemail so that you can receive their messages and decide to reply or ignore their SMS and calls.

While this approach may not discard troublesome unknown callers, it will assuredly let them comprehend that you are occupied and should not be interrupted. Forwarding all messages to voicemail also grants you enough time to reflect on how you should respond to their message rather than putting you on the tight corner for answers.


These were the best ways you can to block unknown callers who keep raiding you by calling again and again. We trust these techniques assist you to get rid of disturbing unknown callers, do let us know your opinions below in the comment box.


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