Best Websites to Download Nigerian Movies Free for Mobile and PC

Download Nigerian Movies

Rated as one of the fastest-growing in the world, the Nigeria Movie Industry (Nollywood) coming just after India’s Bollywood. Below are the top websites to download free Nigerian Movies online today. Here, you can stream and watch the latest Nollywood productions without paying a dime.

We have put together a list of the top websites where users can download movies of their choice online for free in Nigeria. Some say that the best things are for free, we guess this must be true then. You can take a look at them and decide which has the best qualities that suit your schedule and exercise.

Best Nigerian Movies Download Sites

1.   Iroko TV App

Iroko TV means to Africa what Netflix means to America. On the App, there is a plethora of Nollywood movies viewable on any device. The platform has movies in qualities that will leave you impressed quickly.

Get Iroko TV app here

2.      Naij is one of the best news and gist sites in the country. The tune of over 6 million visitors in different African Countries are audience to their services. They also have a movie channel where users can find many exciting and breathtaking movies. It is one of the favorites of most Nollywood lovers all over the continent.

3.      Naijapals

NaijaPals is one of the most extensive social and entertainment network communities in Africa. They provide access to many full-length movies that you can click to stream or download at any time. There are many genres on this site to make your choice from. Viewers are also able to get the latest news on this site, and as well chat and connect with others.

One of the best parts of this website is free and available to all visitors. While dishing out their favourite Nigerian and Ghanian movies for free.

Visit Naijapals website here

4.     RealnollyTV

RealnollyTV is a place where you can get the most excellent of Nollywood Movies. It comes in either free or premium passages to download entertaining Nigerian films. You can comfortably access Nigerian movies on this platform for secure download or forward a special request for your favourite movie on the site. You will have to register and log in to the site for free to have access to all these fantastic productions.

Visit RealnollyTV here

  1. Buzznigeria is a news and entertainment website that specializes in the collection of new Nollywood movies and popular movies for you to watch and download online with any network-enabled device.

Visit  Buzznigeria website here.

6.      Nigeriamovienetwork

Nigeria Movie Network presents 24 hours non-stop passage to Nigerian Movies, The Movie Network for the global Nollywood Industry.

Visit NMN website here.

7.      Nollyland

Nollyland is one of the best movie platforms in the continent. They provide features such as Video Streaming and downloading, have an incredible Timeline Thumbnails to instantly switch to any scene in a movie, and intuitive Searching and Categorization. You can watch and download as many Nollywood, Ghanian, among other African movies as you want here.

Visit NollyLand website here

8.   Nigerianfilmz

Lovers of 18+ movies can find a lot of joy in here. The number of adult-rated film to watch for enjoyment on this site are too numerous to count. There are also other genres and films from the world over.

Click Here to access Nigerianfilmz website

9.     Codedwap provides a lot of good movies that are easily streamed and downloaded online. You can download or stream Nollywood movies, music videos, and audios easily on this platform with any device of your choice.

Visit codedwap website here

 10.  Tvnolly

TVNolly is one of the best online video streaming site presenting the best Nigerian and African movies at an impressive rate. The site offers free and paid On-demand movie streaming services to Nollywood lovers all over the world.

Visit tvnolly website here

11.   Naijaonpoint

They offer you possibilities to read all the latest newspaper headlines in Nigeria, in addition to breaking news across the world. This online platform also offers downloads of the best movies of different genres.

Visit Naijaonpoint here

12.  Nigeriamoviechannel

The Nigeria Movie Channel affords you free Nigeria Movies Online, including recent Nollywood Movies. As the name suggests, it has an update of Nigerian movies daily. By searching for the movie you want, you can easily download them on this platform. All that is required is that you register as a member and log in for the best experience. The platform also has the latest Nollywood news.

Click Here to access the NMC website.

13.  WapBase

WapBase is an online platform where movies, audios, videos, and other media are available for download. You can also view wrestling (WWE), Nat Geo Wild, and comedy videos on this platform. It also presents chat forum and subscriptions to newsletters- which allows you to get information on the trending movies, news, and gist.

Download Nigerian Movies from Wapbase here

14.  123 MOVIES:

123 Movies allows you a free and HD quality opportunity to download Nollywood, Hollywood, and other countries’ films. Take advantage of the numerous options they provide their users on the website.


15. NetNaija

They offer the latest news and headlines in Nigeria and around the world. You can also download new movies on their platform. Their collections houses Nollywood films, foreign movies, comedy clips, Yoruba movies, movie trailers, and sports clips, among others.

Visit Netnaija here

16.  Ibaka TV

This is a platform with over 15000 hours of movies and TV content, which can be streamed or downloaded at the user’s convenience. The mobile app is open on iOS and Andriod.

17.  Video Moja:

Available as a video app, video Moja is an online stage perfect for downloading Nigerian films. You will be impressed by the information and entertainment news on this platform!

Get the Download Video Moja app here

Download Nigerian Movies Free

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