Whatsapp on PC – Install Whatsapp on Your Computer Easily

With a position as one of the most highly rated social media and instant messaging apps in the World, Whatsapp has indeed dominated in today’s media community. Though this app has prevailed in the mobile phone community, you can still operate Whatsapp on PC.

Better Experience With Whatsapp on PC

A good number of Whatsapp lovers still don’t know or have not tried to link their apps to their computer systems for one reason or the other. But it is a remarkable experience to synchronize your account and take in the feeling of this fantastic app on your computer.

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The download and installation of Whatsapp on PC are relatively straightforward and easy to execute in spite of how contrary it seems to be. The ease and comfort of instant-messaging your contacts while relaxed on your computer keyboard is incredible.

The Bigger and Better Feeling?

To download Whatsapp on your PC, you should visit the download site on www.whatsapp.com/download. The download is also available on the Apple app store for MAC operating systems. The download and installation process follows below.

Downloading and Installing Whatsapp on PC

  • Go to www.whatsapp.com/download, the direct download site with your system browser and download the .exe file.
  • Install Whatsapp file on your system.
  • Launch the application after the installation process
  • Open the Whatsapp on your mobile phone and scan the QR Code displayed on your computer screen.

Whatsapp Download and Installation on Mac OSX 10.9 and above Operating Systems

  • Go to Whatsapp for Desktop download page and download the zip file.
  • Launch the Whatsapp on the PC .zip file
  • Scan the QR Code on your desktop screen

How to Scan The QR Code on iPhone

  • Got to Whatsapp settings and find Whatsapp web, then scan the code correctly.

How to Scan the QR Code With Android Devices

  • Navigate to the Whatsapp menu ( the three dots at the top right corner of the app, then click on Whatsapp web to scan code.

How to scan QR Code on Windows Phone 8.0+

  • On the Chat Screen: Click on the menu (3 dots at the top right corner) > tap Whatsapp web

It is easy and exciting at the same time to use Whatsapp on PC as you can have a fuller experience of the app from a different and broader window. The full app layout and navigation is fairly same as the phone version so you won’t have to worry about that.

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